On days when it seems like there’s nothing to photograph, you can always fall back on cats.



This is one of those times I have a hard time deciding between the natural color or a monochrome version – I love how black and white brings out the texture in the fruit. But on the other hand, orange!



It’s been kind of a fraught day. Here’s a flower from my front porch.


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It was dark and rainy this morning, so instead of getting my big DSLR wet I tried out the camera on my new phone (which has the distinct benefit of being waterproof). Still a bit smeary in dim forest light but better than my old phone.


on the sand

It was hard to choose a photo today. I also liked this one and this one, not to mention this one.




High tide Padilla Bay

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the geese returneth

I’m not an experienced bird photographer and don’t have the best lenses for wildlife shooting, but when you’re driving by a field full of newly arrived snow geese and your camera is sitting on the passenger seat, you stop and try your luck. (And yes, this is what winter in Skagit Valley looks like. Although sometimes it’s swans instead of geese.)